The Aqaurius Institute Website is going through site construction. This means that some options such as the contact page might not be available or up do date. Many parts of website may not be fuctioning or need to be updated. If you have any questions regarding our programs, please call us at: 847-296-8870
⚠ Class Updates August 28th, 2020:
The Aquarius Institute will be switching to a hybrid learning model for current and upcoming classes. This model will include both online and in person instruction while being in compliance with social distancing and hygiene requirements. Students are required wear face masks and classroom capacity will be shrunken down to 50% in order to accomodate for social distancing. Openings for enrollements for our MRI program are open for the upcomping October session. for more information about our upcoming programs and our Covid-19 operations please call us at 847-296-8870. Click here to see recent news.


Sviatoslava (Elmwood Park) All instructors were amazing! These people deserve 10 stars if it is possible because they always go above and beyond to make sure the students get all the information and skills they need.

Jahaira (Chicago) I graduated from Aquarius Institute. I have a great job, I was hired right away! I have worked doing MRI since I graduated. Aquarius prepared me to start MRI, they give me the base to get a job.

Mykhailo (Marengo) The school is amazing. They have great teachers that want to help the students. Overall, they really care about each student and do whatever possible to help them.